May 1, 2009

慶曆重宝 Qìnglì Zhongbao

These large iron cash circulated in the Shaanxi Circuit. They were cast in the Qingli reign (1041-48) of Emperor Song Renzong and originally tariffed as value-10 cash. In Qingli 8 (1048) they were reduced to value-3 cash, and in Jiayou 4 (1059) further reduced to value-2 cash. Qingli coins written 循读 xundu (top-right-bottom-left) as this variety are common. Qingli iron coins written 对读 duidu (top-bottom-right-left) are seldom found. These coins are unearthed in Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi provinces.


Qingli Zhongbao Iron 3 Cash
大字 Dazi - Large characters
Rarity 4b / 8
Weight: 11.5 grams - Diameter: 35.0mm - Thickness: 2.3mm

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